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Movie Review : The Forbidden Kingdom

Jet Li - The Forbidden Kingdom Jacky Chan - The Forbidden Kingdom

This movie “The Forbidden Kingdom” is like a martial arts movie fans. Collaboration Jackie Chan (Rush Hours, Drunken Master) and Jet Li (Fearless,Once Upon A Time in China), Yuen Wo Ping (The Matrix, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) doing choreography, Peter Pau cinematographer, beautiful Liu Yi Fei , Rob Minkoff did Lion King.

The Forbidden Kingdom Main Stars

Jacky Chan and Jet Li

The Forbidden Kingdom is the first film collaboration between the two most well-known Chinese martial-arts actors, and Jet Li was quoted as saying it also created an opportunity for them to build their charity contributions together.

There are many rumours speculating that the film is based on Wu Cheng’en’s classical novel Journey to the West. But in an interview with Screen Power magazine, actor Collin Chou has denied this.

The details of the plot were devised by screenwriter John Fusco along with actor Jet Li. Jet Li explains,
“ The screenwriter is a good friend of mine and we have been sparring partners for the past three years.

Jacky Chan and Liu Yi Fei

I was among the first to get hold of the story and later we were joined by Jackie and others. The screenwriter and I discussed how to turn the story into a fantasy and dream-like film. He is a superb screenwriter and has been learning Chinese martial arts for more than 10 years. He has roughly put across in the film some of my basic understanding of martial arts and principles of Buddhism “

Cast by : Jackie Chan as Lu Yan, the Drunken Immortal; Jet Li as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King / Lan Cai He, the Silent Monk; Michael Angarano as Jason Tripitikas; Liu Yi Fei asGolden Sparrow;Li Bingbing as White Haired Demoness and Collin Chou as Jade Warlord.

Li Bing Bing

Here are the synopsis : In “The Forbidden Kingdom,” American teenager Jason (Michael Angarano), who is obsessed with Hong Kong cinema and kungfu classics, finds an antique Chinese staff in a pawn shop: the legendary stick weapon of the Chinese sage and warrior, the Monkey King (Jet Li). With the lost relic in hand, Jason unexpectedly finds himself transported back to ancient China.

There, he meets the drunken kungfu master, Lu Yan (Jackie Chan); an enigmatic and skillful Silent Monk (Jet Li); and a vengeance-bent kungfu beauty, Golden Sparrow (Crystal Liu Yi Fei), who lead him on his quest to return the staff to its rightful owner, the Monkey King - imprisoned in stone by the evil Jade Warlord (Collin Chou) for five hundred years. Along the way, while attempting to outmaneuver scores of Jade Warriors, Cult Killers and the deadly White Hair Demoness, Ni Chang (Li Bing Bing), Jason learns about honor, loyalty and friendship, and the true meaning of kungfu, and thus frees himself.

Conclusion, this is what i am waiting for for the long time ago :) Collaboration between Jackie Chan and Jet Li ! Should be a great movie of martial art. Can not wait to watch it hehe..

Stars and Crues of The Forbidden Kingdom


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