Kamis, Juni 12, 2008

Mp3 Album : Ashanti - Declaration

The fourth studio album from Ashanti, it;s Called "The Declaration"

"One of the reasons I call the album 'The Declaration,' is because I feel it's important to present all sides of what being a woman is about," she says. "Historically, we've always been relegated to the bottom of the totem pole, whether it's business or the battle of the sexes or just empowering each other. I want this album to make people feel stronger about themselves. I've always used the ups and downs in my own life as well as others close to me as a motivational tool and I hope my music comes off that way. I felt a lot of passion making this record. I loved every minute I was in the studio." -Ashanti

Download Full Album :

Link 1 : Ashanti - Declaration

Link 2 : Ashanti - Declaration

Link 3 : Ashanti - Declaration

Enjoy It...

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